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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  August 31, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. this is 9news now. >> good evening, everyone. i'm anita brikman. derek is off tonight. could a fight be headed for the district? that is what same sex marriage advocates are getting ready for as an opposing group makes a big push for a valid initiative. brittany morehouse joins us live from the information center with all of the details what's happening on both sides. >> reporter: well, anita, that initiative is very similar to california's proposition eight. if it passes, voters would decide how to define marriage, if that marriage was in the district. we're talking about a group against same sex marriage, but they might just disagree with that language. >> we're not against anybody. we're for, passionately for, the tradition after marriage.
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and i believe that marriage in general is at risk of being extinct. >> i would think that the people who are concerned about any possible breakdown in marriage would be focused on finding remedies for divorce and not stopping gay and lesbian couples who want to join together in marriage. >> reporter: so we begin with the crux of this debate. it's all about how people view marriage. >> this is a matter of basic civil rights. >> it's a false argument that there's a civil right issue. >> reporter: while the bishop can't reverse the dc council decision to recognize same sex marriages performed in other states, he says he's proactively opposing ones here. while michael crawford is proactive on another front. preparing for such a vote. >> reaching out to residents of the district, talking about gay and lesbian families and why marriage is so important to us. >> reporter: ironically, both sides are standing up for the institution. >> our cause really is to protect marriage. >> marriage is something that strengthens families. >> reporter: families like the
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shaws, melissa, renee and their daughter vivian. >> you're going to have people going, well, gay parents. i guess you do a pretty good job considering. >> every family is going to have their challenges. i don't think that we're unique in having anything different. >> reporter: tomorrow morning the bishop will file a ballot initiative. if that's approved, he must have 20,000 signatures. that must represent 5% of the population. men voters might actually decide this issue in 2010. anita. >> lots of debate ahead. brittany morehouse, thank you. federal workers won't be getting as much of a raise as expected at the beginning of next year. today president obama announced the government is reducing a 2.4% pay increase making it just a 2% bump. now, the move is expected to save $2.7 billion. mr. obama says former presidents george bush and bill clinton made similar choices in times of
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national emergency or serious economic conditions. massachusetts state lawmakers will hold a hearing next wednesday to consider naming a successor for the late senator ted kennedy. current massachusetts law prohibits the governor from naming an interim replacement until a special election can be held to fill senator kennedy's seat. but that election can't happen for five months. next week's public haerj will consider change -- hearing will consider changing the law to let the governor name an interim senator. meantime the governor will pay $9.5 million to secure the land for flight 93 national memorial. interior secretary ken salazar announced today the national park service has an agreement with eight pennsylvania landowners. construction is expected to begin in november. heinmemorial should f dtabouisinhed about two years ler. a>>at you remember, 40 rsssenge and crews died when flight 93 crashed in a field near pennsylvania on september 11th, 2001. >> funerals were held today for
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two virginia tech students murdered in jefferson national forest. the bodies of an 19-year-old and 18-year-old were found in a parking lot of the field section of the forest last week. both of the students had been shot. police are asking anyone who was in that area between 8:00 a.m. last wednesday and 8:00 a.m. thursday to get in touch with them. the so-called georgetown cuddler has surfaced again on a young woman's couch. the cuddler is the name given tn a man dma fkor a dmak for climbing -- to inorli cgin intoli cgmbin into d wmbhit sleingh women. the man crept inside and lai down onh it w w.aan wok choueh it woman. she woke.pnd ud t aol him thi hw avlee d which he did. we're told the victim's front door had been left unlocked. now tonight, police are investigating a deadly shooting in northwest dc. neighbors reported gunfire this
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evening and police found four adults with gunshot wounds in an alley along the 800-block of hamilton street. one victim has died. police have not released any names so far. no word yet of any arrest in the violence. there is no end in site for a wildfire raging right now northeast of los angeles. it is one of six fires burning throughout california. so far, 100,000 acres and at least 53 homes have burned. and as we report, some of the thousands who have been evacuated say this is a life changing experience. >> it came over fast. >> reporter: linda marschall had every intention to stand her ground against the wildfire advancing on her home. >> i'm telling you, it went from good in like 30 seconds to very bad. >> reporter: so bad she and her husband changed their minds and got out fast. shocked when they discovered monday their home was still standing. >> and i'm just so glad i got to
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thank those firemen because they do a good job. >> reporter: this woman decided to fight alongside fire crews to save her property, a battle he says was ten times worse than expected. >> most people look at me and go you're an idiot. >> reporter: they all had to hunker down into his turn of the century stone house to save their life. >> there was probably around 2,000 degrees fahrenheit outside the house and the fire storm was just a tornado of flames and embers. >> reporter: it's those close calls that fire crews want to avoid. several people who ignore warnings to evacuate were badly burned. another six got trapped in a canyon in the national forest and authorities say it is too dangerous to rescue them. butch jones also lives deep in a rugged canyon and for the last few days has personally fought back flames near his home. he has no intention of leaving now. so you think your home is going to be gone so you're going to stay and protect it. >> yes. hopefully they'll send over a fire truck. >> reporter: firefighters can
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only warn residents to evacuate but cannot force them from their homes. some who choose to stay are learning the hard way the full extent of the fire's fury. let's go to a live picture from california right now. unbelievable pictures. you can see winds still fanning those flames. at least two firefighters have died fighting this wildfire. right now as we said, eight fires burning across the state of california. governor arnold schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency in four counties. a live look at california tonight. we're still thinking about summer here but there are forecasters already looking ahead to the winter's month. this year's farmer's almanac comes out tomorrow and it's predicting numbing cold. editors say we'll also see plenty of snow this year. but that is at odds with what the national weather service predicts. it is saying warmer than usual temperatures this winter because of a strong el nino system in
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the pacific. okay. farmer's almanac, national weather service. top, what do you say? >> first of all, we will issue our own winter forecast in november and it does kind of hinge on whether we have a strong or weak al neen y oe. but let's go -- el nino. but l's goo bkk in time. twoo g hngtwo tedi an eotor -- but we're gnngoio hngav an editor in house f an interview and we'll put their feet to the fire a ltle bit. this is their prediction for last winter. cold and snowy. we were above arage i temperature and we only had ouab eight inches ofou snow downtown. we average about 17 inches. so, believe m i hope they're right this year. but i wouldn't exactly plan your day on it. all right. now, for us tonight, a little touch of fall in the air. clear andui qte q cool. evnele cedar i cleared o. ut-6 ownd2s. lfo notewiheasyherlt 5-10. temps right in-1n the 60s. already 55 in frederick. 65 downtown. we will come back. we will talk about the rest of the week. the holiday weekend. and let you know if a hurricane in the pacific could actually help the fires in southern
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california. anita. >> all right, topper. not all of us are hoping the almanac is right. uncle sam is giving the state of virginia almost $10,000 to help neighborhoods caught my foreclosures. the money will be used to buy and refurbish dozens of homes. now, much of that money is ear marked for northern virginia. prinsz williams county -- prince williams county will receive $1.5 million and culpeper 1.2 million as part of the stimulus plan. if you owe back taxes in the state of maryland, now could be the time to pay up. starting tomorrow, maryland is offering a tax amnesty. that means people who come forward will only have to pay the tax, half the interest due and none of the penalties. now, it's good for taxpayers and good for the state. >> the last time that we did one of these it actually yielded
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about $39.5 million. >> the maryland tax amnesty runs from tomorrow through october 30th. >> i'm really excited to see everybody. not excited to do work. but other than that, it's going to be fun. >> it's a little scary. that's right. a few days. everyone goes through it. >> those are two of the seniors who returned to class today at quince orchard high in gaithersburg. this was back to school day for all of montgomery county public schools. enrollment is up in that district. a warning for drivers tonight before you hit too major roads. what you need to know about the chesapeake bay bridge and i95 in virginia. we're going to talk about it. plus the incredible mouth. find out why the marriage of disney and marvel comic is raising some eyebrows tonight. we'll be right back.
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and welcome back. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. here is your forecast first. and, wow, could it get any nicer tomorrow and wednesday. pure sun. 78 tomorrow. 80 on wednesday. 81 on thursday. thursday will be pretty nice. we have the weekend either side of me if you're watching hd. it's the last unofficial weekend of summer, if you will. first thing first, quite cool. low 50s in the suburbs.
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wind out of the northeast at about 5-10. if you can give the ac a rest, i think that's a reasonable thing to do. i like ac, believe me. 60 in alleghany. 61 in alexandria and 62 in dumfries. even 63 down by the bay. now, lows tonight generally in the 50s. 55 in silver spring. 54 in bowie. 53 in great falls and also in fairfax. and maybe 62 in old town and maybe 61 in springs field. that's still going -- springfield. that's still going to feel pretty night. tomorrow sunny and cool. 50s and 60s to start. howard will have your bus stop forecast at 4:55. winds northeast at ten. then afternoon sunny and spectacular. highs upper 70s. and winds light northeasterly at about ten. pretty good deal. satellite picture, radar combined, we see all of the showers kind of hugging the coast here. and that, indeed, is kind of what kept the showers in southern maryland today. everything is now pushed off. high pressure building in the. front will still remain stationary across the southeast.
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but as far as we're concerned, it will not affect our weather. we will be in pretty good shape, it looks like. now, let's talk about hurricane imena. it's a category five. but it goes up into the pay of california. it could get some moisture. it will get some moisture in arizona and there a si chance that some of -- there is a chance that some of this moisture can get into california. at the very least it will increase the humidity and maybe give them cloud cover. either way, it will be beneficial. it will take awhile but let's see if we can get moisture into california. all right. the next seven days, i told you it would be black, sunshine on tuesday. sunshine on wednesday. upper 70s and 80s. on wednesday nice. showers on friday and 75. lower 80s as we go into the weekend. not a washout. 81 on saturday. low 80s on sunday and labor day. >> tuesday and wednesday sweet. >> spectacular. >> very nice. >> thank you, topper. okay.
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not so nice here. but, beware, 2 big road projects to give you a heads up about. we start in virginia where you can expect to find several road closures on i95. crews are repaving the lane tonight and tomorrow night. that could translate into delays up to a half an hour between 9:30 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. there will also be a lane shift in effect later this week in that same area. i 95. then next week, the maryland transportation authority will start a major repaving project on the chesapeake bay bridge. it means the westbound span will be closed monday-saturday during the off peek overnight hours. drivers will be diverted on to the eastbound span creating two-way traffic on that side of the bridge. >> we want drivers to know if they expect to be traveling the bridge after 8:00 p.m. monday through saturday that they should expect delays as we go into the full westbound span closure and during that time
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that we have two-way operations on the eastbound span. >> it's going to take awhile, folks. that redetectiving project is -- redecking project is supposed to last through the fall of 2010. you can always stay ahead of any construction at click on traffic. three fishermen are back on dry land tonight after more than a week stranded at sea. they drifted in the gulf of mexico for eight days. their boat started sinking after they dropped anchor about 100 miles from shore. >> what's up with my leg down in the water it actually reached up to my knee. i kind of just jumped up and tried to wake everybody else up. and by that time, the water level had gotten pretty serious in there. so we were trying to extract the water. >> once the boat capsized, the men rationed water, beer, bubble gum and chips to stay alive. they also used t-shirts to try
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to flag down potential rescuers. a private boat finally found them. a day after the coast guard had called off the search. the coast guard said it searched more than 86,000 square miles for the missing boaters. christian broadcaster pat roberson is back home in virginia beach recuperating from a ten-hour surgery to repair an irregular heartbeat. it put him at higher risk for a deadly stroke or heart attack and he'll get another procedure to be fitted with a hartman tore. he is 79 -- heart monitor. he was 79 years old. british police are looking at the death of a rolling stones guitarist 40 years ago. it was found in the swimming pool of his estate a month after he left the stones. the death was ruled an accident back then but ever since there has been rumors that someone murdered jones. they'll examine new documents
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they just received from an investigative journalist. switching gears now, $4 million for comic books. the incredible hulk, spiderman, all be acquired by walt disney. but as andrew stack is finding out, comic book enthusiasts are a bit apprehensive. >> reporter: he's the guy they turned into one of the most mysterious and deadly characters of the ex-men line up. now his comic book character belongs to a company with the reputation for having a softer, gentler side. >> volume one. it's been out of print for a while. >> reporter: inside union station, patrick black has the first and last word. >> i think they made an excellent choice, you know. they gave in on the comic scheme a little better than in the past. >> reporter: fair enough. but a lot of the readers wonder can disney really reconcile the
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characters of mickey mouse with the dark side of the ex-men and wolverine. >> disney has a history of being more family oriented and tending to go that way. >> i have a 4-year-old son so i wouldn't mind some more cuddly comic. so, on the other hand, i have a feeling disney probably is aware that they have to keep the dark side alive. >> reporter: but patrick stands his ground. >> i don't think they will combine intellectual properties or even put their name on marvel, except maybe in the back. >> reporter: the one thing he and his customers have in common is their reaction to the business side of this deal. >> it's ridiculous. i mean, that's so much money. it's unbelievable. >> if i knew something about that, i would have bought it a couple of days ago. >> reporter: a point of view both sides can agree on. at union station, digital correspondent andrew stack 9news now and >> okay. getting ready for the last pre-season game. getting ready to really matter.
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and jobs at stake. >> yes. most of the starters are not going to play on thursday. but this isn't about them. this is about bubble guys and whether the bubble burst. jim zorn tonight talking about his process for making the last painful cuts. plus could venus williams be done at the open on day one? open looking good for venus. we'll show you coming up. b@ s=w;w?w?
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> all right. unless you're talking about their breakfast order, toast is not a word that nfl corner backs never want to hear in the same sentence as their name. of course it is inevitable when you're playing against the randy mosses and terrell owens of the world. and it's going to happen. as new england randy moss beat him like a rented defender for a 27-yard touchdown. but d'angelo is not one to make excuses. today at practice he said, yes, i got beat. so. >> i've always been that kind of person to take responsibility. if it's me, i have thick skin. thick skin, big shoulders. i can take everything. you get whipped, but you take
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something out of there. you can definitely whip up on the next couple of guys coming your way. >> meanwhile the partners back there missed practice again today with that sore calf as did albert haynesworth for the second straight day with stomach issues. i don't know what those issues are. the final pre-season game is thursday in jacksonville. and we've already been told no portis, no hainesworth. and the starters that do play are going to get a brief sniff and that's it. but a couple of dozens thursday's game means everything. right now the roster is at 75. it needs to be cut by 53 on saturday which means this game could literally be a career maker or breaker for some of these guys. >> we're ready to play this game, play it hard. we're taking it seriously because we owe it to those guys who are trying to make this football team to take it seriously as coaches. and the fan of the redskins. >> football tonight, brett favre and the vikings visiting texas.
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first play of the game, no need for brett to stress that shoulder. adrian peterson and that's a race that he won't lose. 75 yards for ap. if favre is decent this year, they're going to be scary on offense. and he was decent tonight. big drive. chester taylor slams on the brakes and gets him. favre 13 of 18. viekz win 17-10. the nationals in san diego tonight. steven strasburg with his first day today. then introduced himself to the single a nats whose entire payroll is less than his signing bonus. life isn't fair. but what b the big boyz under way out in san diego, hernandez making his second start an he was in trouble early. -- and he was in trouble early. 2-0 father's lead. connect four a flair to score
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hernandez. nats trail 2-1 in the fifth. u.s. open is under way. williams won this afternoon. big sister would have a rough evening. venus had never lost but she was on the verge tonight taking on vieira dushavana. and venus a disaster in the first set. lost in a breaker. she was three points from losing the match in set two, but she bounced in the nick of time and won it 7-5 in the third. venus now 11-0 in first rounders. earlier in the day roger federer made quick work of 18-year-old ncaa britain. >> federer has won six straight. this was the best throwing session of the day. in reno the annual tomato festival. it is after the famous tomateno
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festival in spain. for 50 bucks you get to throw at the mayor, which i think is worth the extra 40, depending upon where you live. not here where we would never throw ftd a the mor. a >> never, never. >> we'll be right back. >> he's too fast anyway. (mom) for just $9, you can get them shoes
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tomorrow we're going to look at common injuries that could put you on the sidelines. that plus your weather and traffic starting tomorrow at 4:55 a.m. on 9news now. finally tonight athletes willing to get down and dirty for good, clean fun. you judge. we'll take you near hamburg, germany for mud olympics. they're knee-deep in mud. that's volleyball. soccer. there's a boot throwing event. nobody gets a medal. but everybody gets a shower on that thought, goodnight.
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